Our mission

With over 30 years of experience, Australian Doctor Group (ADG) is the largest and most widely read medical publisher in Australia. We cover the latest in news, opinion and clinical information for our healthcare professional audience.

ADG believes that informed, connected medical practitioners are a fundamental pillar of Australian society – promoting health and wellbeing, inspiring trust, and enabling all members of the community to live their best lives.

Our editorial independence

Australian Doctor Group’s award-winning editorial team has always been independent, with editors making daily decisions on the content published in the company’s various publications, regardless of commercial, political or personal interests, including those of any proprietors, board members or advertisers.

Its editorial staff are committed to the highest editorial standards, abiding by the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics which requires journalists to commit themselves to the principles of honesty, fairness, independence and respect for the rights of others.

You can read the full code here.

Our funding

ADG’s commercial activities are designed to ensure the long-term future of our high-quality journalism. Due to its healthcare professional-only audience, ADG is legally allowed to accept advertising, content marketing and sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies.

It also accepts advertising, content marketing and sponsorship from other private and public organisations, such as government agencies, medical colleges, medical insurers and software companies.

ADG has a separate team of editors and producers who work on commercial content which is clearly labelled as sponsored, promoted or branded (with associated company logos) on our website and in our magazines to ensure our audience is aware they are engaging with paid for content.

Advertising, content marketing and sponsorship revenue streams make-up the standard business model for traditional publishers including major news organisations and medical publishers worldwide.

Our history and growth