In an Australian medical publisher first, AusDoc announces new social-media style communities on its platform that will allow doctors and specialists to join therapy-area related groups.

On AusDoc (www.ausdoc.com.au) doctors can now connect with to share deidentified patient cases and discuss hot topics.

They will be able post their thoughts, questions and images within AusDoc’s secure platform where only other doctors will be able to see what they post.

Australian Doctor Group’s managing director Bryn McGeever says the new communication platform will allow the medical community to become even more collaborative than it is today, where doctors can stay up to date, discuss the latest topics and safely communicate with each other.

“With one eye on the ever-evolving communication needs of doctors, ADG has been investing heavily in data and digital capabilities for the past decade, and we have accelerated our digital and product investment by more than $2m this year alone.

“We believe that a more integrated medical community will better empower all doctors to be better doctors and provide the best healthcare and practice great medicine to help Australians live healthier, longer lives.”

“We hope AusDoc will grow to become the nation’s largest and most vibrant medical knowledge community.”

The initial AusDoc Groups launch includes two groups for doctors to join, each chaired by specialists in their field: medicolegal and dermatology.

Cardiology and women’s health groups are also planned for launched in the coming weeks.