Case Study

Achieving meaningful HCP reappraisal without field support

A leading brand in chronic insomnia treatment tasked the Australian Doctor Group to help them challenge the way GPs think about the diagnosis and treatment of insomnia and to drive the launch of new science (a sleep/wake system) and treatment options.

Product solutions used:

  • Market Research (Access.PLUS Insights)
  • eDetailing (Access.PLUS Engage)
  • Sponsored content

The Problem to Solve

The brand had no face-to-face sales support, creating a need to drive market penetration through an integrated digital campaign. Independent research by ADG identified several knowledge and practice gaps, and highlighted the following opportunities:

  • Educate: Share knowledge about the causes, symptoms and treatment of chronic insomnia and position it as a sleep-wake disorder under the DSM-5.
  • Reassure: Highlight the efficacy and safety of orexin receptor antagonists in the context of the other three main insomnia drug classes: z-drugs, benzodiazepines and melatonin.
  • Encourage: Explain that there is a new way to approach insomnia diagnosis and treatment that preserves sleep architecture and structure.


The ADG’s commercial content team worked with the client¬†to create a multi-dimensional response. This included:

  • A KOL-driven article to clearly articulate relevant information and knowledge that GPs can apply in their clinic.
  • eDetails to help keep the brand top of mind and to support best-practice diagnosis and prescribing.
  • An easy-to-understand infographic to demystify the topic for busy GPs

The Results

GPs shared insights to inform the campaign

HCPs engaged with sponsored content

Average minutes spent on sponsored content

eDetail views by AHPRA-verified GPs within two weeks of going live


This campaign achieved excellent results that significantly exceeded ADG averages for both the number of GPs who engaged with the content and their engagement time.

The results helped the client achieve its aim of encouraging GPs to think about a new approach to insomnia consultations and to consider new science and new treatment options.

Crucial elements of success

  • Clearly defined problems to solve
  • Close cooperation between the client and the ADG team
  • An investment in GP Insights
  • Engaging information that GPs can apply in the clinic
  • Highly engaged digital audience on AusDoc.
  • Ability to drive engagement through eNewsletters

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