Case Study

Digital communication extending sales force reach for diabetes product launch

A leading brand in the type 1 and type 2 diabetes market asked the Australian Doctor Group to support the launch of a new product. 

Product solutions used:

  • eDetailing (Access.PLUS Engage)

The Problem to Solve

The client wanted to use digital communication solutions to extend the reach of its first-line sales force to support the launch a new diabetes product entering a crowded class.

At the same time, there was an intent to share evidence-based information about diabetes.


The ADG commercial content team brainstormed solutions with the client and developed a program to support the launch focused on providing relevant and valuable product and educational information. Outputs included:

  • An Access.PLUS brand destination page hosted on AusDoc.
  • Strong GP reach was achieved by promoting the eDetail across the ADG suite of eNewsletters.
  • 5 long-form branded eDetails to fully explain: different patient use case and the evidence-based benefits of the product.

The Results

HCP engagements

Unique HCP engagements

Fold increase in scripts among eDetailed GPs

NostraData. Script-writing data for the mixed insulins market, 2019


The campaign illustrates how Access.PLUS can be used to extend the reach of a face-to-face sales team to support the launch of a new product. 

The wins include deep engagement with informative promotional material that translated to a significant increase in prescriptions.

Crucial elements of success

  • Clearly defined problems to solve
  • Close cooperation between the client and the ADG team
  • Engaging information that GPs can apply in the clinic
  • Highly engaged digital audience on AusDoc.
  • Ability to drive engagement through eNewsletters

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