AusDoc was created with the vision of enabling doctors to be better doctors by providing them with the right information, at the right time and in the right format.

In an ADG first, we now invite all pharma and life science employees to join the AusDoc platform to experience and benefit from the many new features we’ve designed in recent months to further integrate our medical community and help you better understand what doctors are interested in.

PharmaHome includes a new dashboard that provides you with the top trending articles on AusDoc, which is regularly visited by more than 30,000 doctors, as well as new tools that show how digital engagement among doctors is growing and what pharma content is being read most.

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PharmaHome Dashboard

The aim is to provide you with valuable insights into doctors’ interests so you can develop more engaging content to support them with the information they need.

Through PharmaHome, it’s now possible for you to do the following:

  • View the top 10 articles being read by Australia’s medical community including more than 30,000 doctors.
  • Understand the growth in e-Detailing and learn what information doctors are interested in.
  • Access key industry news and white papers.
  • Personalise your experience by choosing your favourite topics via the My Feed page.
  • Save valuable articles to read later.

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Note: We have a number of pharma and life science companies listed, however, if you work in this field and your organisation isn’t recognised, then please contact our Customer Service team who can help get you started.