ADG & RxTro to support doctors with better access to the information they need

Many GPs value their interaction with pharmaceutical representatives with the top three reasons for seeing a sales being:

1. Keeping up to date about new products (69%)

2. Obtaining samples (49%)

3. Getting an answer to a question about a treatment or product (42%)

In addition, 67% of GPs said that they would be interested in an aggregated directory of all pharma sales reps that they could directly contact virtually (e.g., email, phone, video conferencing and live chat) or request a face-to-face visit.

“Doctors have made the transition to a digital world and now expect access to information and education when they need it and in a format that suits their needs.” said Bryn McGeever, Managing Director of ADG.

By connecting over 82% of GPs using AusDoc and 90% of pharma sales reps using RxTro, Rep.CONNECT will soon become the largest and most powerful communications platform for doctors and pharmaceutical sales representatives wishing to communicate with each other. 

Through AusDoc, doctors can already search and connect with peers, specialists and KOLs and even message them directly using our end-to-end encrypted messaging system.

However, soon they will be able to do the same with pharma sales reps and MSLs.

Rep.CONNECT is a unique collaboration between RxTro and ADG to provide accelerated communication between GPs and company contacts.

GPs gain access via the AusDoc website to:

1. Connect directly with pharma representatives by searching for generic brand, company and even therapeutic area.

2. Check when the next appointment is booked, offer an alternative appointment and pre-request information or resources, including samples.

In time, doctors and pharma experts will be able to share calendars to schedule virtual calls or face-to-face meetings, share screens and files in addition to requesting samples.

By empowering the GPs who regularly use AusDoc and connecting them to pharma reps via RxTro, Australia’s leading clinic appointment booking platform, doctors can proactively search, connect and communicate with the right industry expert when they want, something that is virtually impossible in the physical world.

“In partnering with RxTro, ADG is focused on supporting all doctors by creating a better way to help them access the information they need, firstly through the content they already come to AusDoc for, and now through the ability to communicate with the right industry expert more easily.” said Bryn McGeever.

To learn more about Rep.CONNECT, including how it could help you provide better access for doctors to information about your products, complete the contact form below.


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Learn more about Rep.CONNECT, including how it could help you provide better access for doctors to information about your products.