Engage 45,850 AHPRA-verified prescribers with Access.PLUS, Australian Doctor Group’s real-time digital communication platform service.

Access.PLUS provides the ability to create custom omnichannel messaging campaigns supported by a live data campaign dashboard, enabling ongoing optimisation to deliver leading ROI.


Nationwide, opt-in self detailing at 70% the cost of face-to-face.

Lead Generation

Event, website registration, rep visit or sample request.

Market Research

Custom polls and surveys with a 5-day turnaround time.

Client Dashboard

Brand specific analytics dashboard. Track and optimise campaigns from real-time insights.

Live Chat

Live text chat, video detailing and/or scheduled MSL calls.

Prescription Behaviour Tracking

Dynamic cohort tracking and script writing behaviour change vs. nationwide (Nostra)

Accessible GPs continues to decline while GP Detailing investment reaches a 10 year high

A range of solutions dependent on your outcome

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