How a digital engagement campaign achieved low-cost GP registrations to a pharma company’s microsite

A leading pharmaceutical company asked ADG to help drive engagement and registrations for a sophisticated microsite that enables GPs to ask clinical questions, order treatment starter packs and access patient support information.  

The challenge is that doctors seldom find pharmaceutical company microsites on their own and are unlikely to sign up without a targeted engagement campaign. 

How a digital eDetailing GTM campaign successfully informed GPs about best-practice mental health treatment options

Black Dog Institute, a leading university-based mental health research institute asked ADG to promote its Working Towards Wellbeing training video series. The aim was to encourage best-practice mental health treatment options.  

Over 525 GPs across Australia engaged deeply within five days, the campaign quickly overachieved on its objectives, and further illustrates the ability of digital GTM channels such as Access.PLUS to effectively engage and inform doctors.  

How a digital only campaign successfully replaced the loss of face-to-face sales support

A leading brand in the Women’s Health market tasked ADG to deliver growth and maintain profitability of the brand through a digital only plan. GPs who engaged in 4 or more Access.PLUS articles had a 14% higher prescription rate vs the market and non-engaged GPs.

How a digital content strategy generated awareness among GPs of best practice treatment options

Hologic tasked ADG to promote its leading gynaecological product to help close knowledge gaps among GPs and address both over and undertreatment for heavy menstrual bleeding. The campaign sparked conversation and active engagement from HCPs, including 6,558 total sponsored content page views.

Achieving meaningful HCP reappraisal without field support

A chronic insomnia brand tasked ADG to help them challenge the way GPs think about the diagnosis and treatment of insomnia and to drive the launch of new science (a sleep/wake system) and treatment options. Within the first two weeks of launch 1,740 GPs had viewed the brand eDetails.

Digital communication extending sales force reach for diabetes product launch

A leading brand in the type 1 and type 2 diabetes market asked ADG to support the launch of a new product. The campaign resulted a 3-fold increase in scripts among eDetailed GPs.

Promoting the quality use of pathology to GPs and other health professionals

The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA), with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health, partnered with ADG to help promote the quality use of pathology to GPs and other health professionals. A 4-year long campaign has yielded over 21,000 HCP content views and 99% CPD satisfaction rating amongst GPs.

How an insight-driven content marketing campaign helped this not-for-profit educate GPs about mitochondrial disease

Meet John Betsis from the Gold Coast, diagnosed with mitochondrial disease in his late teens. To help many like John, The Mito Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation supporting people with mitochondrial disease (mito), teamed up with ADG to help close knowledge gaps and address the challenges associated with diagnosing this devastating disease. The campaign resulted in increasing GPs confidence in identifying the clinical features suggestive of mito by +1,267%.

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