Case Study

How a digital only campaign successfully replaced the loss of face-to-face sales support

A leading brand in the Women’s Health market tasked ADG to deliver growth and maintain profitability of the brand through a digital only plan.

Product solutions used:

  • Sponsored content marketing series
  • Promoted content distributed through Access.PLUS Engage

The Problem to Solve

A commercial decision was made to remove sales force promotion (previously 1st line and 2nd line position) from a leading Women’s Health brand and replace with a digital HCP project – to truly test the effectiveness of a digital only strategy. Since then, the brand has experienced a large decline in ‘intention to prescribe’ and was losing share to key competitors who are seeing a notable increase in ‘intention to prescribe’ metrics. 

The hypothesis was that the brand needed multiple engagements to drive greater prescribing, similar to the way a sales force would have multiple calls per year with the same doctor.


ADG developed and promoted multiple forms of content across the AusDoc network and retargeted engaged GPs with additional information to deepen their product knowledge, and therefore confidence in prescribing the product to their patients:

  • Channel 1:  Sponsored content marketing series 
  • Channel 2:  Promoted content distributed through AccessPLUS.Engage 

The Results


Higher prescription rate in GPs who engaged in 4 or more Access.PLUS articles, vs the market & non-engaged GPs


Higher prescription rate in GPs who engaged in 3 or more Access.PLUS articles, vs the market & non-engaged GPs


Following the commercial decision to test the move from a sales force to a fully digital go-to market strategy across AusDoc, GPs who engaged with relevant brand information four times were more informed and therefore prescribing +14% when compared to non-engaged GPs. 

Access.PLUS and a fully digitally led go-to-market strategy has the ability to better inform and educate GPs, who then feel confident to prescribe. 

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